When did the world become 3x5 in. screen?

Our generation is growing into a world where texting is the acceptable norm of communication. I do admit that it is efficient in some ways, especially while I am busy doing something, I wish that our generation would just stop and actually look up to see the REAL WORLD in front of them.

When was it okay that the sound of your friend’s, significant other’s, and parent’s voice is better replaced with words on a screen? I can put two different conversations when “LOL” is used together, it’s exactly the same. But when you hear the laughter of two different people, you know who’s is who’s.

Long story short, text should not replace talk. Emojis should not replace emotions. Just because technology is advancing does not mean we are becoming better people. Let me talk to a person, not a phone.

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There’s so much that I want to say

but there’s so much that should not be said.

I didn’t want to say this on FB so I’ll just say it here.

I think the whole riot scene is so fucking dumb. I hope those people who looted the store, realistically, gets arrested but gets their head shoved up their ass since their brain is too small to even function. It’s so sad to see people change their behavior when put in large crowds because sometimes, society as a whole aren’t composed of smart people. Well I think it’s safe to say that those people who looted the store are composed of dumb fucks. So sad to see that the US Open isn’t as fun as it used to be before, since it’s composed of bros and select fat hoes. 


Life shouldn’t be no less than a 12-inch ruler when you you can keep going  as far as you can until the sky is the limit. There are so many things to do, yet time and money are the only problems for a college student. 

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Sometimes I wish I could erase my life and start fresh.

I’ve been needing a change of view because the same old shit isn’t cutting it for me anymore.